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We give a minimum of 2 years warranty on all Symphony products.

Your Art is Our Passion

We are here to supply you with state-of-the-art instruments for your success.

unrivaled quality

It’s backed by our unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability and responsible manufacturing practices.


Always searching for new materials and technologies that can improve the tone, touch, stability or durability of a piano

Music is a universal language, everyone understands it and we can inspire millions of people. A heart-trembling moment lives in sound and music, through playing or simply listening. We at Symphony want to inspire peoples’ passion and help them take a step forward to express their individuality, emotion and creativity.

Brand Philosophy

Feel the Harmony of Music in Every Touch

Symphony is committed to empowering players to find harmony with their instruments, sound and music. The energy and emotion they create will be shared with an audience.

From deep bass chords to the sharp notes at the high ivories, Symphony instruments give you sound that’s grand.

Our Products

Symphony is a manufacturer of musical instruments, sound systems and components.

Symphony Grand Digital Piano 80 White – Grand piano sound that’s as clear as black and white.

Elegant and exquisite digital piano, perfect combination of the latest electronic technologies.

The 88-key progressive lever hammer keyboard gives you the real feel of playing on a grand piano.

Elegant and refined electronic piono, combined perfectly with handle and timbre of traditional keyboard and latest electronic technology of the present age.

There are 700 rhythms, including all sorts of accompaniments, ranging from rock-and-roll to pop music and jazz, which enable you to experience various feelings.

This electronic piano adopts Dream source, with digitization sampling, which provide vivid as acoustical experience for your performance.

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